“With Two Travel, I was able to offer an incentive trip to my recruiters with no headaches attached. Their team catered the exact experience we wanted for the budget and parameters we set.”

Sid Dabbara, Vice President

“We've been looking to find a way to retain out top talent for a long time now. Too often our best Account Executives are being poached by our competitors. After we created the Incentive Program with Two Travel, not only did we increase our retention to 99% over 3 years, but every single person who went on the trip, came back and had their strongest quarters. This was the best decision I've made as a Sales Leader, hands down." 

Brandon Sloan, EVP, Sales

“Tasked with planning the MBA spring break trip in Colombia, I couldn’t be happier that I found Two Travel. Before we arrived, they helped plan the whole trip and made it effortless on my part. During our trip, the concierge service helped us with everything from A to Z.”

Jing Chang, MBA  President

Columbia University

“Planning my best friend’s bachelor party in Medellin was not something I was looking forward to. Between work and my personal life, it was hard to find time to plan for 15 guys who I barely knew. Then Two Travel stepped in. Their team guided me through the whole process, priced the trip out and even wrote my emails to send to the group. I was able to enjoy the weekend with everyone while my Dedicated Host took care of everything.”

Ed Chiu, Bachelor

Thanks again for being such an accommodating and wonderful host for our trip. Handling a group of 12 is never easy, never mind a group of 12 independent boss babes from NYC! From arranging reservations at the hottest restaurants, to sending us to the coolest rooftop nightclubs, we definitely lived our best life in Cartagena! Also, our day trip excursion on the yacht was really incredible! We appreciate how Two Travel gave us the opportunity to see all the different islands and eat new and amazing foods! The champagne didn’t hurt either! Overall, our group had an unreal time and we are SO glad we worked with your team!!
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Tracy Torhan

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